What Readers Have to Say…

“Jessie and Dave Gerber provide an awesome self-defense book for kids at exactly the right time in our society. It should be required reading. Regardless of whether your children have taken martial arts or not, you want them to read this book so they can be safer everywhere they go!”

~ Sam Sade, Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, 4th Dan Black Belt in Krav Maga, Owner of Alpha Krav Maga International

“Dave Gerber is one of the most passionate and skilled instructors of Krav Maga you will ever meet. His enthusiasm for helping people learn to protect themselves is amazing, and his energy is contagious. There are a lot of complicated self-defense books out there, but Dave delivers a clear and simple message in his training books. I highly recommend this book!!

~ Master Chun Rhee, The Legendary Jhoon Rhee TKD

What Readers Say