Meet the Daddy/Daughter Duo


Jessie Gerber

Jessie GerberAs a nine year old, there are few people who really get to know someone at that young of an age. However, as most kids can appreciate, having a good “sitter” to stay with when parents are away is priceless. Here is what Jessie’s long time “Girl Sitters” had to say:

“When I first met Jessie, she was a cheerful and adorable 6 month old. I was hired as her first babysitter, but the Gerber’s quickly became family to me…She is positive, thoughtful, determined, and mature beyond her years. I am not surprised in the least that she is working on her first book! I am excited for all of her future projects and adventures. Go Jessie!” – Maggie

“I met Jessie a couple years ago and she has never failed to have a smile on her face. From the moment I meant her I knew she had a warm heart and a positive attitude. She will brighten up whatever room she is in and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her as I know she will be a strong, independent young lady!” – Sarah

“Jessie is the most talented 9 year old, she loves to read, play the piano, plays multiple sports and even speaks Spanish. She never seems to give up, if something comes along and slows her down, she learns from it to come back even stronger. Jessie always has smile on her face and is willing to help anyone as much as she could. Jessie is simply awesome!” – Brittney

“Jessie’s positive attitude makes her shine in any situation. Her passion and enthusiasm for everything she does contributes to her energetic nature, always striving to do her best.” – Ashley

Jessie Leah Gerber has shown impressive willingness to learn, be reflective, communicate and support the world as she learns and grows. She is an avid fan of ice skating, yet she has participated in many activities in order to try new experiences. Jessie enjoys playing with her puppy “Freedom,” the piano, riding her bike, drawing, shooting baskets, the outdoors, gardens and more.

Jessie has participated in many L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense demonstrations with her dad and is always curious about learning more. She started Tae Kwon Do at the age of three and loved doing “Daddy Dojo” where she began her Krav Maga journey with her father. (Jessie’s favorite part was getting to beat on her dad who ended up needing to wear protective gear and a mouth guard very early on).

Jessie has also recorded a song, performed in front of 50 people in a live audience singing a Capella, tried everything from gymnastics, to soccer, lacrosse and more. She is recognized by those who meet her as fun, caring, empathetic, “ahead of her time” and is a natural leader with a very bright future.

Dave Gerber

Dave GerberDave Gerber is President and founder of Synergy Development & Training, LLC, an innovative organizational solutions company, that specializes in helping businesses, government agencies, organizations, schools and individuals use conflict as an opportunity to increase performance, revenue and reduce risk.
Dave helps individuals understand the impact of conflict at work. He specializes in motivating others to increase and actualize their new professional and personal potential. He also loves being such a huge role in Jessie’s life, Dave has included her on many types of cool projects like these two books.

As a leader, coach, trainer, author and motivational speaker he has worked with business owners, managers, employees of all kinds, CEOs, military officers, project managers, sales leaders, doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators and many more.. He has hands-on experience working with thousands of training participants and students of all ages, races, backgrounds and ability levels. His passionate and motivating style is contagious.

Dave is also a Krav Maga instructor and practitioner, along with being a Knife Instructor. While he has not been a life-long martial artist, he has been a life-long educator. Now he has combined the two. Some of Dave’s background in Krav Maga and Self-Defense includes:

• Certified Krav Maga Instructor: Alpha Krav Maga International (AKMI) Expert I

• Alpha Krav Maga International Leadership Program Director

• Owner and Head Coach of Alpha Krav Maga International Northern Virginia/DC Metro

• Certified Full Knife Instructor: Patriot Martial Arts, San Antonio, TX

• Holds Practitioner Certificates with: Alpha Krav Maga International, Krav Maga World Wide and the IMI System (tested in Israel)