What Readers Say…


“Jessie and Dave Gerber provide an awesome self-defense book for kids at exactly the right time in our society. It should be required reading. Regardless of whether your children have taken martial arts or not, you want them to read this book so they can be safer everywhere they go!

~ Sam Sade, Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, 4th Dan Black Belt in Krav Maga, Owner of Alpha Krav Maga International

“Kids will love this! Parents will love this! What a great book and father-daughter combination! This helps us discuss a tough subject and provides real, effective skills. These two also offer kids and adults a way to understand that fighting is a last resort and what to do if they unfortunately need to defend themselves against a possible abduction or violent attack. Every parent needs to discuss this book with their kids to help their children (and themselves) feel safer wherever they go to school, work, hang out with friends or travel. A deep, heartfelt thank you, Dave and Jessie, for your book and the program teaching us the L.I.F.E. Line way to think about life and self-defense!”

~ Dr. Megan Gallagher, Pediatrician and Family Medical Doctor, Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. Metro Area, Mother

“Dave Gerber is one of the most passionate and skilled instructors of Krav Maga you will ever meet. His enthusiasm for helping people learn to protect themselves is amazing, and his energy is contagious. There are a lot of complicated self-defense books out there, but Dave delivers a clear and simple message in his training books. I highly recommend this book!!

~ Master Chun Rhee, The Legendary Jhoon Rhee TKD

“Dave is one of the most passionate, fun, professional, energizing, motivating coaches you will ever meet. His students not only love learning Krav Maga and self-defense, they love his approach towards relationships, learning and life. His background in education, conflict management, leadership and self-defense all blend well for an excellent gift to the international community. Every family should own a copy of this and his other L.I.F.E. Line self-defense books, too. You will truly enjoy them.”

~ George Buruian, Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame

“As a mother of a ten-year-old daughter, I feel that every girl should own this book! Raising awareness with training and programs like L.I.F.E. Line are a part of being more prepared for life and are essential. Society is getting more dangerous. Learning self-defense is crucial. Dave has put together an empowering, extremely helpful and straightforward guide to the basics for how girls can protect themselves. I highly recommend this book, as I teach the very same skills and know they save lives!”

~ Bernadette Ambubuyog, Black Belt, Krav Maga and Instructor

“At Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga (aka Krav Maga LA), we start implementing self-defense foundational skills to three year olds. Just like the skills we share at our school, Dave Gerber has put together a treasured guide for kids everywhere. I highly suggest that anyone with kids gets a copy! This book will change the way you think about your child’s safety and your own, too. Really well done, educating pictures and fun to read. This is a great contribution to the self-defense and larger community.”

~ Roy Elghanayan, 4th Dan Black Belt Krav Maga, Owner and Head Coach REKM in LA

“What Dave has written here is what all parents need to address. Let’s face it, we can’t be everywhere in order to protect our children. We must empower them to handle what life throws at them. Teaching them the verbal and physical skills is necessary. I highly recommend this for all parents.

~ Derek Randel
Author of The Stopping School Violence Manual and Attacking our Educators

“Self-defense is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. To survive in any self-defense situation, the defender must be smarter than the attacker. This book provides the basics with great photos, skills and inspiration to families. It will absolutely help kids learn more about what to do if faced with a dangerous situation, and parents will enjoy reading it with them. Excellent read.

~ Bert Witte, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Alpha Krav Maga, 5th Degree Black Belt, Degerberg International Martial Arts, 6th Degree Black Belt, Bu Kyoku Ryu Karate

“You feel the energy when you pick up the book…even more when you hand it to someone you care about. Thank you, Dave, for being a strong, supportive ally for empowering girls and women of all ages to protect themselves anywhere and everywhere they go! Dave Gerber’s programs and this book are game changers!

~ Diana Azrikam, Black Belt, Alpha Krav Maga and Instructor

“As a female instructor of martial arts, I feel it is necessary for every young woman to have the knowledge and ability to defend herself in a potentially threatening situation. The contents in this book and Dave Gerber’s seminars teaches the core components of self-defense — simple and fast maneuvers with the mindset to do them quickly and effectively.

~ Master Jackie Curiel, 4th Dan Jhoon Rhee Institute of TKD, over 20 years of martial arts experience


Testimonials from Parents

“In a word, Awesome! In more words, every parent, grandparent and child needs to read this book, now.”

~ Joan R.

“Dave Gerber is a fantastic coach and is totally committed to people learning about the L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense Program, as you will see in this awesome new book he put together with his daughter, Jessie! When working with people of all ages, he always makes sure he does this in a positive and empowering way. He has tremendous ability and enthusiasm for helping people be aware of how to be positive, more aware of their surroundings and their personal safety. Dave stands out from the other coaches. We know personally, because our daughter trains with him.”

~ Stephanie and Marc

“This is book incredible. I have known Dave for several years and have seen his motivational teaching style that is so energetic, fun and effective. The last class I saw him teach elements of L.I.F.E. Line, there were girls (and others) from ages eight to 78. One of the most engaging coaches I have ever met, he is also funny and sure to put a smile on your face. He loves helping people, period. The fact that he created this book with Jessie is so awesome. The kids at our Patriot Martial Arts gym love Dave’s classes and we know this book is going to be a huge hit for children and families everywhere!”

~ Juanita H., Parent, Blue Sash Instructor in Malay Eskrima

“My husband and I are so happy you put this together. We are telling every parent we know! Thank you Jessie and Dave!”

~ Diane and Charlie S.

“Adults teach their kids how to do chores, clean themselves, learn, drive, and be a good citizen…they also need to learn self-defense before leaving home. Really well done, easy to follow. In fact I enjoyed it myself before even showing it to the kids!”

~ Tim N.

“We all know bullying is an issue. Just like you can’t expect 911 to teleport or show up instantly to save you on the streets, kids can’t expect an adult to be there who will step in immediately. Now adults are getting in trouble for trying to help, too. I want my daughter to be able help herself. This book is just what our children, parents, schools and communities needed. Thank you!”

~ Jason R.

“There is a difference between a martial arts and self-defense. Martial arts is good for kids, and they need to know self-defense too. The bad guy is a real attacker and not looking to score points. This is about knowing your kids can escape and survive. Thank you.”

~ Connie B.

“This is the perfect resource at the perfect time for our kids. They need to know we support them and give them permission to strike an adult that is trying to hurt them or take them away. Kids are taught not to hit and that is good. But, if it comes down to life, death or being taken I want our kids to fight and escape every time.”

~ Rich V.


Praise from Kids

For L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense™ training programs with Coach Dave

“I am now very confident and I feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This was a great experience. Jessie was great too!”

“More prepared, less scared, confident. I feel better prepared for real life situations. I want to tell others what I learned and would come again to learn more.”

“I really liked learning and practicing the techniques. My favorite part was the fake fight (red man), because I could apply the techniques and I liked dealing with the adrenaline rush. It feels good knowing I can defend myself.”

“Fun. It was great! I know some techniques and skills needed to defend myself.”

“Loved the talking, empowerment portion, talk on bullying.”

“I learned a lot of useful stuff I can use in the future to help me be more safe, thanks!”

“He made the skills easy to learn but still fun and challenging. We learned lots of different defenses, not just one.”

“Everything was about defense (L.I.F.E. Line) not attacking.”

“The class made me feel a little bit safer, especially if something bad happens.”

“I learned a lot of useful information, and the demonstrations showed how the skills were not hard to perform.”

“I thought that the mentality of raising awareness, your life is worth it and your life is on the line is important! And I think that it is great men and women now can really benefit from these types of classes. Thank you.”


Training with Dave

“Awesome, every girl and woman should take this program as Dave empowers you and teaches you great, practical skills that can be used immediately!”

“Take this program. It may save your life and/or help you protect your family!”

“I’m so glad my daughter has been through this program!”

“Dave, this is what I needed and it immediately helped me for when I have to deal with my ex!”

“I realized what I didn’t know and have started empowering myself with awesome skills, thanks!”

“What every woman should know, Dave explains situations, response moves in a way that is easy to understand and fun!”

“Great teacher! Dave takes something serious and makes it fun!”

“Very positive, upbeat and practical. You can learn a lot in a short amount of time.”

“Do it!! Fight the Redman and practice in this class rather than do it on the street first.”

“It’s really fun and you actually learn a lot. I feel confident. Dave is very good at teaching.”

“Dave is very passionate and energetic about this. You can tell he truly cares and is good.”

“Dave takes something serious and makes it fun.”